Thursday 4 March 2010

At The Touch of a Brush

"At The Souq"  ( Unfinished ).
The beginning of a collection of paintings.
When a Private Preview approaches no matter how large or small the event I usually find it very hard to settle. With so much on my mind with a cottage renovation I feel my imagination is all over the place at the moment when it comes to painting.

Last night I took a large piece of watercolour paper and covered it with a blue wash for a sky. Then I started adding violet mountains on the upper right corner. I had  a wonderful vision of Scottish highlands and thought of a friend who loves painting skies.  It had been such a busy day  and the sun had shone all morning. I had looked at the light hitting my English countryside surroundings and thought of how soft it was compared to the light I witnessed when living in Dubai or visiting Morocco. I thought of the hustle and bustle of market scenes we had witnessed from travelling all over the world.

I looked at my quiet blue violet wash . I couldn't resist my next action. I literally loaded my brush with vibrant  sunshine shades and  threw the pigment at the paper watching bursts of vibrant red and gold  push the cool colours out of the way. The effect was incredible. In front of my eyes magic happened as the peaceful Scottish lake scene immediately turned into a busy market scene. I could sense the ochre buildings half hidden by stalls with make shift ancient coverings. I imagined people sat on the ground displaying wares hoping passers by would stop to buy. I longed to be there. To take in the aroma of herbs and spices once more.

I could see ladies dressed in abayas enjoying the day and casually strolling through the narrow souq lanes. In the distance I could easily depict men in white dish dash making decisions of the day. I imagined the sounds and feeling of life where ever you looked.

All that is left of the initial scottish highlands is a small section of purple and blue which now could be  buildings behind the market scene. You may notice them if you look at the above  image. The normally black abayas are hit by strong sunlight turning them into glowing reds and golds. The scene is full of life,energy and a sense of movement.

Without even trying to add detail faces are already appearing in the distance and fugures also.

Abstract figures and "ghosts" of people not there but appearing in the distance.

Can you see the young arab boy in white on the left in the above  close up of my souq scene? Or the face of the arab gentleman on the far right looking down at his hands? He is almost disappearing off the edge of the paper.

Magic can happen when we pick up a brush. Here I turned away from a simple landscape to a market in a hot country at the simple change of direction in colour placement.

Our imagination is a wonderful gift. 

We all see so differently and where I see figures others may simply see colour or nothing at all.

In spirit I am in Dubai  but in a heartbeat I could be anywhere in the world.
All via my brush.

Wonderful isn't it!



Helen said...

Wonderful indeed Jean....but it's what you do that is wonderful...

Maree Clarkson said...

Inspirational post Jean! I copied a couple of your paragraphs to my notes to read again and to try and follow your lead in attaining this incredible scene - thank you for your inspiration!

irinapictures said...

There is a magic in this painting. The magic of instinct, talent, premonition. Bravo. I saw it in my blogs' roll and was immediately shocked by its hot, its movement, its eastern decorations. But I needed to speed to the office, so only today I reached my bookmarks bar to look at it again and to try to express what I feel. Bravo.

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hello Helen,thank you so much for such a lovely reply:)

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hello Maree, its lovely to see you. I find your quotes so inspirational so maybe we are similar in how we are thinking and in our personalities:)

You often shine without knowing you do. So I am going to return the compliment and say Thank you to you for all YOUR inspiration:)

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hello Irina,

I have to admit I read your reply several times before I started typing to you.

You captured in typed words exactly how I felt when this scene was developing.There was an excitement in the vibrant colours which sang together creating this painting.

Thank you so much for such a magical response that leaves me feeling the painting has a connection with its viewers.

It is also wonderful to meet you albeit online...for now!