Sunday 7 March 2010

What If..................

Snowdrop Demonstration from yesterdays Market Street Gallery Workshop.

What if...........

What if today was the last day you ever had to see a snowdrop?

What if today was the last chance you ever had to capture this flower in a painting?

What if a million artists were painting the very same snowdrop, how would you makeYOUR painting different?

What if you were invited to submit your piece to an exclusive exhibition of paintings  purely of snowdrops? How would you make your work stand out to be selected out of  thousands of entries on the very same subject?

Now your snowdrop isn't just a snowdrop.

It is a challenge.

One you have to think about and consider carefully to make your painting unique and stand out from the crowd.

And now let's forget  we are talking about a snowdrop.

What if...........

You are painting any subject,how are YOU going to make it different, more interesting, more exciting, more full of life.

And now you are feeling the sense of being on one of my workshops. We are not simply painting. We are looking for so much more that is exciting and fulfilling to the artists soul. We are looking at ways we think, breath and feel as an artist at one with their medium and technique.

We are aiming  to create magic and draw the viewer into our world to see what we see.

A very unique world.
The world of being an artist.


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