Friday 5 March 2010

How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour: New Book

I received an envelope yesterday which I have only just seen and had time to open. Inside is a proof of the cover of my book. The inside covers and back also. The image on the back is actually  from a painting I enjoyed from Turkey and it is full of glowing light. Inside is also a photograph of me which is worthy of another entry on my blog. Another story to be told.

Watching this book come to life from a blank skeleton of white paper to each individual new section being sent to me in print from my publisher for final editing has been such a wonderful journey. I worked on each new chapter, included paintings and forwarded them regularly to meet deadlines. To ensure that I could see how each looked in print the skeletons would be sent back to me for my  approval with my publishers advise. There have been very few changes from the very beginning of this project as my book really did seem to just flow magically word for word, painting by painting as if it was meant to be.

Before I started writing I  didn't  understand the mechanics of pulling a final product together. Seeing each stage come to fruition and be completed has been very exciting. It reads like music starting with a quiet orchestral introduction gradually building up in tempo as the sections on colour and technique lead the reader to the final dramatic demonstrations.

I am finding my own emotions building up in excitement too as the day when it can  be held in hands and read draws nearer.  I am looking at my cover right now and imagining what it will be like to hear what you think about my book, about how friends,family and artists who have been waiting for its arrival feel.

The day is getting nearer when that can happen so I will hold on to the luxury of it being just in my hands for a little while longer like a Christmas gift knowing who I give it to may enjoy it and hopefully be inspired.

What a wonderful week I am having!



a woman who is said...

I am stunned by your work and have been lurking around your blog for several weeks now. Am I going to be able to purchase your book in the US? Wishing you were doing some workshops in Seattle!

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hello there, how lovely to meet you even if it is for now only online.

Thank you so much for leaving a comment and letting me know you like my work. I am thrilled you chose to reply. Yes my book should be easily available worldwide and I will add details when it is launched so you can find it at that time.

I would love to hold a workshop in Seattle. I will have to look into that idea!

Thank you again,