Tuesday 30 March 2010

Repaying Kindness with Kindness.

Bearded Collie Paintings.

I came home this morning to hear a message left on my answering machine. I had sent the above two Bearded Collie paintings to the breeder who my young  dog Bailey came from five years ago.

Carol Wessen came to a Private Preview of a show in Hartley Wintney last year. I was so thrilled at the time because Richard Sorrel the then President of the Royal Watercolour Society was another of the guest artists featuring in the exhibition. I love the colour in Richards work and found myself  looking at his collection endlessly during the run of the event.

Near the entrance of the gallery was my painting of my own dog Taffy in a similar pose to the one Carols dog is in above Laying down looking up with soulful eyes. Carol would have loved to have bought the painting but it sold.

Later Carol looked after Bailey for us when we moved last year. She was so kind in keeping him while the upheaval took place. But when we went to pick him up she and her wonderful husband Ed refused to accept payment of any kind. I never forgot that kind act on their part so decided to try to emulate a similar painting but this time with one of her females as the model.Carol kindly lent me some photographs and time passed by.

I have been so busy with my career,writing my book and exhibitions I have never found the time to  paint that special piece for her until now. With each brushstroke I felt the love Carol holds for her dear pets. I thought of the day we picked our own pup Bailey up and how loving she and Ed were to all their dogs and new owners who take a puppy from them.

I carefully and eagerly wrapped the two paintings and sent them in the post by special delivery. And waited.

This morning while I was out Carol rang to say the paintings had arrived and that she was so thrilled with them.She sounded almost in tears as she thanked me. And I have to say my eyes filled up to.
I am sat here thinking all the money in the world for a painting could not possibly touch this feeling.

Nothing can match that message.No sale could ever make me feel so happy.

Giving is such a wonderful thing to do.

No matter how big or how small the gift.

Kindness has its own rewards.

And what you give in love will always come back to you somehow.

As it just did.

A very happy day!



Cheryl said...

which you do so humbly and so freely such a true gift.

Crystal Cook said...

I'm so glad you shared this! And I dearly love both of those paintings. What a great experience :)