Friday 5 March 2010

The Opening

 "Eager to Please"
Original Watercolour by Jean Haines

Having spent a wonderful evening at the Private Preview of my Market Street Gallery exhibition last night I find myself in my studio already working on this years next events.

It was such an incredible evening. Turning to see familiar faces and hearing such amazing comments on my latest collection leads me to this morning as a very delighted celt.  Many artists get nervous before a show and many judge its success by  the number of people who attend the opening or footfall over its duration. Many judge by the number of sales. For me the success  is  more importantly based on whether my work is enjoyed or not. I  feel as though I am on an amazing art journey where each time I exhibit I want there to be a hint of  a step forward in my travels and an element of excitement in what is in the collection. I want collectors to see how my work is evolving and artists to feel  how much further I have  moved forward. Last night from all the  overwhelming comments I received the evening and collection was an outstanding success. I am thrilled.

Whilst I always  try to include favourites I always want there to be a few surprises too. In this show I included my new owl paintings and these quickly  were noted as new favourites. The  bright eyed baby owls  are one of the pieces that will now be in a new home and I know it will be very loved there. I say goodbye to each piece as though they are a part of my family. In a way my heartbeats are in each brushstroke wishing them to life. My emotions flow into each painting.

The paintings of dogs were favourites also and the cats with  wonderful comments on how I paint eyes in each subject. This could be why the owls are  so popular. Their bright eyes have a magical appeal about them. I received many similar comments on my use of "glowing colour". I take every single piece of feedback seriously  and  then look at my own paintings trying  so hard to see them through others eyes.To see what they see. Searching for ways I  can bring all the positive words into my next collection and enhance  future brushstrokes with these beautifully flattering opinions.

Over and over again I was surprised and fascinated to hear how my blog has been so enjoyed and found to be inspirational. Knowing this morning over coffee my typed text will be read and enjoyed is such a terrific feeling  It is pretty unusual to be sat here actually knowing who will be reading this and when today!  


Thank you to everyone who came to the Preview and   gave me such  terrific comments about my work. It's a new day and as always I have much to do, including visiting the castle I have booked for an art event later this year. More news on that very soon!

It is time to come down to earth again and paint.



Helen said...

It was indeed a wonderful evening...and to see so any pieces of your work together was amazing xx

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Thank you so much Helen. It was so terrific to see you and it was yet another special evening. More to follow this year I think! And I hope you will be at them all;)


Unknown said...

So sorry not to make the Preview evening - but I was there the following morning! Inspiring as ever and I see your style has changed slightly too - bolder in many ways and very exciting! Looking forward to the BOOK!!!

Aline Nash