Thursday 25 March 2010

How To Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour: Book Update

How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour is my first leap into being an author. For years following workshops and demonstrations so many artists and friends have encouraged me to share my technique. I have been literally eagerly pushed and begged into putting my way of working into a form where everyone can enjoy step by steps in a book including insights into how I think. To write really has been a dream of mine for some time and this year in 2010 each day brings me closer to seeing that dream coming true.

My first book will be available officially from August of this year but can already be pre ordered via the publisher directly and

Yesterday yet another large brown  package arrived with the post and my squeals of delight when I opened it should have been heard worldwide! Inside was the glossy proof of my unbound book.This stage is where as an artist I need to study the colour on every single painting to approve whether they perfectly match my original paintingst. Until now I have only seen  the early proof on matt paper which was quite pale in colour. The images were just in place for the design lay out and  nothing more. Being new as an author this concerned me as I have never gone through the creation process before. I was guided by my  publishing team that the final proof would look very different and advised not to panic. The images didn't look like my paintings then. Now they do. And I have finally my book  in loose page form but with the exact colours that you will see.

If I said I was thrilled it would be an understatement. I look at several paintings  as I leaf through the pages and ask myself if I really painted them. I know immediately I would buy this book.The strange thing is I can't wait to have it in my hands to read through and enjoy because I am not only sharing my techniques with others. I am teaching myself how to improve.

My own enthusiasm and energy  along with my passion for watercolour sings on every page.

I never saw this coming but it really is like being on one of my own workshops and I am so excited. I can see for the first time what others see when they attend my sessions. This sounds very strange but I want to come on one and enjoy the freedom of watching me in action. My book is the closest thing to this ever happening and I cannot wait for it to be released!


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Cheryl said...

I am so pleased for you Jean,what an achievement.I and many many others are also waitng with bated breath to have the pleasure of your book arriving and I am feeling impatience for that day to arrive.