Sunday 21 March 2010

That Special Painting.

  "Glorious Call"  Original Watercolour by Jean Haines.  

I have so many exhibitions coming up at the same time and  at the moment the decision is what should be displayed where . I have so many favourites to choose from because I paint from my heart and not with an aim to deliberately sell a piece. Some I definitely deliberately paint to keep.  When you are aiming to hang your own art on your own walls you start to see it very differently . You imagine just why you would like to  enjoy it for years to come. It has to mean something to you.

Each new day I  fall in love with a subject and thoroughly enjoy working on it. My creative soul isn't restricted to any particular theme. I don't ever need to remain painting just one thing such as flowers, animals, people or landscapes. I paint everything in sight.

That is the true pleasure of my style as I could paint absolutely anything with this technique.  The method lends itself to seeing colour and the patterns they form. When I place all these shapes together in watercolour layers  an image will form and gradually the essence of  my  subject appears as I work.

And even if I wanted to I couldn't get exactly the same result twice. Each piece is unique. From my Autumn 2009 collection a cockerel " Showing Off"  was displayed in the "Hampshire Life" magazine to promote  my exhibition at the Market Street Gallery in Alton. Once framed the original piece always sang to me as a very special painting. Everyone who saw it in the show loved it so much. It caught the eye and  sang to viewers. It made you feel so alive to look at it. It cheered the soul. Certain paintings have something about them and it is magical when that happens. A quality that cannot be defined. A collector loved the piece so it has gone to a very special home in Turkey.

I miss it and my mind kept thinking about this particular painting. So  I have tried to recapture the feeling for my own cottage. 

The collector and I may be linked forever via  this watercolour and that too is a wonderful thought because they are a very special person.

Art really is a  magical circle that  can unite the world in so many ways.


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Kaye Parmenter said...

Hello Jean, this cockerel really does have something special. The colours are gorgeous!