Monday 15 March 2010

Market Street Gallery Spring 2010 Exhibition

It has been such a great  opportunity to show again at the Market Street Gallery in Alton, Hampshire. The Private Preview was wonderful, the feedback on my work from everyone who has visited has been so fabulous and the sales also have been really terrific. It seems there is no favourite subject this time around because every painting seemed to stand out in its own right. The hare in particular could have  gone to many visitors who loved the painting but it will be finding its way across many miles to a special home in Turkey amongst a collection there of my work.

I loved meeting everyone who came to my workshops hosted by the gallery . Reading each and every email message following these exciting days is so incredible. I will be getting in touch to reply very soon so please bear with me if you are reading this post on my blog! The first Beardie painting  that came through following a demonstration  made me feel thrilled to know it will be followed by many more. Well done Catherine!

Margie I am still loving listening to the Celtic CD you gave me so thank you so much for such a thoughtful gift!

Here I want to mention everyone who made the event such a wonderfully memorable occasion including the owners and team at the gallery. 

The press arived on Thursday for some photographs of both the exhibition and my workshops and this was the only day my hair did not go right but apart from that everything was brilliant.

Today is officially the last day to see the collection but if you contact the gallery you may still be able to catch the show.


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