Wednesday 31 March 2010


 Peony Passion
A section from a larger painting.
In the garden of our old home one flower bed that was full of peonies. They had been there for many years, loved the soil and each year saw  huge blossoms that  were a brilliant temptation for the artists eye. These beautiful and delicate flowers were always a delight to paint. In many ways they reminded me of the instruction I received under my Chinese mentor because they had instilled in me the need to find the  way to capture the essence of a subject with only a few brushstrokes. Each one as important as the other.

 Peonies appearing via the use of simple brushstrokes
From a collection of old  images.

Quiet sections in any painting  are only effective if they are set next to those with more impact.
Light and bold sections.

Close up of quiet section against a more bolder background

 Less is often more.effective than adding  far too much detail.
In some countries they believe it is more effective to say less rather than  discuss  every single detail in depth.  Have you ever listened to someone  talk incessantly and wished that they would just get to the point?

When you work in a loose style that is exactly what you are doing.You are getting straight to the point without detracting from what is important. You are aiming to capture the subject in a simple and direct route. In my book and during my workshops I often use one word.


Simplify your life and your art by placing the focus only on what is important. When we paint it is the subject and how we capture it along with the composition and colours used to bring it to life.

Each day brings new challenges. If we only focus on what is important and let that flow into our art and soul life can surely only be so much better.. Placing the priority on what  really needs to be done, having positive friends, doing things that make us feel good as well as bringing a smile to others.
Things seem so much better when you do!




i love this jean ... wonderful text

Cheryl said...

Oh I so cant wait, this example just re-enforces my feelings I am so going to have a great time with you.I bought the book last year by Lian Quan Zhen titled Watercolur Techniques and the Zen of Creative painting by Jeanne Carbonetti.I knew this journey was meant to be.
Wow heres to the beginning.

Marie Theron said...

Lovely peony! As usual, receive my admiration and best wishes!

Kaye Parmenter said...

Great Jean, wonderful subject, fabulous painting and beautiful rich colours