Tuesday 30 March 2010

Tribute To David Howells PRSMA

I have been asked who my favourite artists are which is why I am gradually sharing tributes so that I could show an insight into how I have been influenced over the years. I know I am not alone in being a fan of  David Howells watercolours. 

I first fell in love with Davids work when I lived in Dubai. He was in an exhibition at the Majilis Gallery and his colours were absolutely perfect. He caught the heady heat and atmosphere of the beautiful  scenes from the Far East in a way I could only dream to do. His accuracy in detail is superb, What inspires me most is his comfident brushwork.

So if you haven't come across Davids work please enjoy this link.



Anonymous said...

David paints such lovely paintings. Thanks for posting the link to his work.

Cheryl said...

I am so pleased Jean that you have mentioned David Howell's work.Just over a year ago I purchased a greetings card with a painting of his of a cornish sea front and then found his Art on the internet.Beautiful delicate drawings and hues,so fragile looking and so much detail.