Friday 12 March 2010

Please Don't Go.

"I'm Coming Too"
An original watercolour by Jean Haines of Bailey, a young Bearded Collie who  should have been called "Houdini"!

This morning I feel completely numb as I wait for a phone call. Bailey our young Bearded Collie is wandering around searching for his companion who isn't beside me as I type.

All the wonders of recent weeks and exciting news has been replaced with fear for our wonderful  four legged friend Taffy. My older Bearded Collie who has lived in  Europe, Asia and Dubai with me.

After recent major surgery he made a stunning recovery and we were looking forward to years ahead of wonderful walks and  more happy memories. An unexpected turn completely out of the blue saw us racing him to our local vets yesterday morning and then driving back to the hospital where they know his history and had performed the recent surgery.

Looking into his eyes I could see Taffy is still very much wanting to stay here, fighting to be with us. The bond of  our love is so strong. He continually kept  looking into my eyes for help during the afternoons consultation which made the day and now so very hard.

When I paint every decision regarding my choices of colour or brushstrokes is one made for the right reasons and results. Here I faced making decisions that could break my heart. But I know I have to do what is right for my wonderful pet who has travelled all over the world with me.

I love him so much . For all the joy he has given so many people not just our family over the years he deserves my love and courage to make his life easier.

He has had to stay in hospital  to have a blood transfusion and  we wait to hear how he is this morning. We will return to the hospital, hug our beloved friend and listen to advise on the next steps to be taken.

I have hope and fear in my heart this morning.



Debbie said...

Jean, I'm heartbroken for you with this very unexpected turn of events with Taffy. I know just how much he means to you.
Our beloved pets and loyalest of friends crawl into our hearts with absolute trust and love. They ask not much from us and yet will protect us to the death. These are qualities we love about them, besides being the greatest companions. It takes a lot out of us when they fall ill, as we feel we owe it to them to make them feel comfortable as we can't tell how they are feeling or where it hurts!
I feel your concern for Taffy and truly pray that he'll be OK and running around with you and Bailey soon!

I'm praying for an excellent outcome and hope you get back to us with positive results!

I think you need Huge Gianourmous hugs and some for Taffy too!


Crystal Cook said...

I'm so sorry for you Jean, I hope everything works out for you and your much loved pet. I know how hard it is when you might lose one. *hugs*

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Thank you so much Debbie,its been such a hard few days and I must admit I have cried until I thought I could cry no more.Happily Taffy has pulled through. With a rare illness which can be treated he should be okay but he has a way to go yet.Fingers crossed he will be fine but I cannot thank you enough for thinking of us and being here for us.

Huge hugs to you too for being so wonderful.


Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hello Crystal

Thank you so very much. My heart was breaking but it looks as though we will beat this as the specialists have discovered what made Taffy so ill. He can now be treated and if he keeps responding well he could recover so we are all keeping our fingers crossed that this is the start of a new beginning again!

Many thanks fo rcaring and showing me you were here, I really am so grateful to you