Wednesday 3 March 2010

One Day to Go

                                                                        "Too Wise"
Original Watercolour by Jean Haines

When I work  towards exhibitions I often  decide which subjects will be in the show long before the event takes place. The exhibition that opens tomorrow  began as a Spring theme but  quickly led into country subjects.  Pheasants are everywhere here and a very common sight. So my daily walks are often interrupted by one startling me as it  bursts forth out of the hedgerow. I knew I just had to include one. I often see owls sat right in the middle of a path like little huddled figures or on limbs of an old tree. Their outline fascinates me. And by painting so many owls  I started thinking of their prey.

When the new collection is  arranged on the gallery walls I can't help but wonder whether this little country visitor had better be placed somewhere that isn't too close to the owl. Or maybe placed next to it as they seem to make a good pair!

"Country Visitor "
Original Watercolour by Jean Haines

The opening of my next exhibition is tomorrow. Only one day to go and as  I have so many exhibitions to work for and charity events I find myself strangely with little time to worry or even think about the occasion today. And there is so much  exciting in the way of news that I could be on my blog  eternally so I will limit news to a few posts at a time!


I am receiving some wonderful emails regarding my blog letting me know how much it is being enjoyed. Can I thank everyone who has taken the time to write to me and let you know how wonderful it is to  hear such terrific feedback. And how encouraging it is to keep sharing! Thank you so much. 

No act of kindness ever occurs without further ripples of kindness.

Also could I thank everyone who has chosen to click on follow . I have watched  as the number of followers has grown and been so happily surprised to see  such wonderful  people adding their names.  Thank you very much. Its wonderful to meet you even if it is at this moment in time over a computer screen.



Anonymous said...

Hello Jean,
I wish you a lot of success for your forthcoming exhibition.
Congratulations for your blog, I discover it and already like every line !


GOODLUCK with you exhibition jean ! ...enjoy the opening