Wednesday 17 March 2010

Himba Girls

"Himba Girls " Morning Exercise
Inspired by a Photograph by Tom Ang

My daily studio routine is always a warm up exercise first usually aimed at the bin before I start painting my collections.The strange  thing is these exercises often rarely reach the bin. Yesterday I mentioned how I fell in love with a wonderful photograph taken by the amazing Tom Ang.
Having gained permission to paint this scene  I am now  playing with  a selection of ideas for colour and composition. I have to bear in mind I was not there at the time Tom took the original image. I cannot see what he saw other than through his lens. As an artist I can create my own interpretation but there is something undefinable about Toms capture that keeps drawing me back to look at his photograph.
In a few minutes I have created the above small study to gain an insight into how the disntant figures can interact with a main girl in the foreground. There is absolutely no intention in this exercise to gain a likeness in features of faces. Just the sole purpose of playing with colour combinations and I am not quite there.

But a magical creative process step by step is leading me to where I want to be with this particular journey. In my mind. I can see the finished piece now so clearly.

A few more studies and I will be ready to enjoy painting the real  large piece.

For now a few more exercises to start my day will not only thrill me but keep my artists spirit highly enthusiastic and motivated to race to pick up my brush each day.
I am very much in love with Toms capture.
I wish to feel that same strong emotion in my  own when it is complete.

I am setting myself a challenge and I love that thought.


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