Monday 8 March 2010

Catching a Dream.

                                          Baby Owls Painted From a Dream.

It happened again. 
Last night I dreamt of a painting that was so full of life,colour and energy that I know this morning I must drop absolutely everything until I have completed the attempt to capture this very special dream painting  in watercolour.

Last  time I had a dream this strong it led to a series of paintings of owls. I tried to capture a sense of illusion of seeing my subjects as if through a haze. A cloud of imagination only just allowing the subjects to shine.

Last nights dream was so different. 
I see a stronger focal point with the distance almost absract. To type about the painting long before it is shared is dangerous as it could go terribly wrong. It may not work but the challenge is driving me into that desperate need to pick up my brush and say in colour what words cannot. 
The subject is emotive and calling my brushes.
I know there is a reason in my having to paint this piece and it isn't for me or about me.

There is a feeling also that something very wonderful is about to happen. 
A wierd premonition. 
Maybe my Celtic heritage at times effects how I feel but today I will be painting a dream and I am  happy to have shared the feeling out loud. 

Celtic magic?

We will see!


1 comment:

rob ijbema said...

interesting...see what happens
your writing is like those little owls
things are not clear but something is emerging?