Monday 15 March 2010

Feeling Blue?

 Enchanted by Delphiniums

Last week on my watercolour workshops at the  Market Street Gallery in Alton a variety of subjects were covered but the delphiniums in one particular session have not left my mind all weekend. In my imagination I could see their almost translucent petals and the mixture of  balance throughout the composition. Today I started a completely new painting and this is how the painting has evolved so far. It feels  fresh, alive and exciting. My blank piece of white paper quickly became a riot of blue hues.

A close up  shows how much I am enjoying the white centres of these  beautiful blooms.

Tomorrow is a new day and I close my studio session this evening with a feeling of yearning for the morning when I can take another large piece of white paper and  cover it with vibrant clear colour, energetic brushstrokes and a sense of beauty.

It is going to be a wonderful week!




still remember the wonderful delicate shade of blue of the delphiniums from your workshop last year jean ... treat to see this and the prelim stages

Billie Crain said...

Delphiniums are my absolute favorite flowers, Jean. Your painting is scrumptious!

a woman who is said...

ahhh I come to this blog and see work like this and wonder how does she do it? Then I think, I know I can buy her book...oh no...I have to wait till August!!!! RATS

Kathy said...

I love your painting of one of my favorite flowers. I have seen many of your paintings here and on facebook and I love them. I wish I could paint this loose.
I can't believe that you can write so much. Too much for me to read, but you are one busy woman. Thanks for sharing.