Monday 22 March 2010

Monday Again!: Firelight

Original Watercolour by Jean Haines
This painting  is sold so unavailable to purchase.

Watching  our cat Buster relax in front of the fire will now be a distant memory as the sun is shining more frequently with the Spring Weather. It is the beginning of an exciting new week. Many white pieces of paper  are tempting me to continue in my journey in watercolour.

A wonderful artist friend let me know recently how much they love seeing my blog. On days when they don't feel like painting they look here for inspiration and I was thrilled. In the same conversation they asked a question which comes up so much. 

" Why do you share so much online, aren't you afraid  of being copied? "

I thought about the question and came to this conclusion. We could all waste so much time worrying about what someone else is doing or we can live our own lives to the full instead.  I am reminded of a little old lady who lived in our Welsh village where I grew up. She was  well known as the village gossip. Villagers would hastily turn around or cross the road when they saw her coming. Every now and then she would knock on our door and be invited in for a cup of tea. This is where as a child  I would hastily disappear. I knew if I was seen and called into the room I would need to sit politely and listen to the conversation. I also knew I would be very bored so found ways to better use my time. 

Playing or painting!

 "Firelight" section of colours fading away from the subject.

What makes me laugh as I type this is that I obviously haven't changed. I will still vanish if an unkind word is spoken. And there are always better things to do.

As a teenager I couldn't help but ask why my guardian was so kind in listening to this elderly lady  regularly tell tales. Her reply has stayed with me all these years.

" Because if I listened it saved someone elses ears and besides, I won't pass  a word on."

"Firelight" Close up of Mouth section.

In all the days I knew her she was an incredible person. Only good was spoken and she was a shining if not impossible example of a human being to follow! But she did often quietly mention she regretted the time she had wasted instead of being allowed to carry on with her day.

When we paint we know if we are painting our own creations. What others do really is on their conscience and it shouldn't stop us sharing, giving or being part of this wonderful world of art where so many artists daily shine in their own styles. The journey to finding your own technique is not an easy one.  I hope I help many find their  path and  also help other artists reach their destination in their own journeys.
What a gift that would be .



Jan said...

Jean, I just love your cat! Love the way you left the whites! Jan

Cheryl said...

for you to share so much of you and all the beautiful paintings you create and to share also the creative process you have used to arrive at this creation is a true gift,not only to all the people who would not be able to see your beautiful work if you didnt but also for the people you help to inspire to be creative and to pick up a brush.Yours is a true gift in all ways and I for one thank you for sharing.the world would be a better place if we all shared.

Sally A. said...

I have only been painting with watercolors a little over a year and a half. All I see done is training for me. I started painting when I was 15 yrs. old, with oils. I continued throughout my life with a 20 yr. hiatus during difficult times, then returned and found a geat difference. With oil, I never drew on the canvas but my first lessons with watercolor we were made to draw on our paper then paint. Thank heaven I found you and your paintings! Now I may be able to paint with more freedom by observing your steps with your paintings. Thank you so much for sharing as I cannot travel to UK to take your classes.

Nancy Wallace said...

I'm so glad I discovered your blog. It gives me such joy each time I see a new post from you. It's definitely encouraging me to play with paint in my own way and find joy in that too. Thank you!

yogendra kumar purohit said...

i like your mood of play with colour. and wild life sound and love of yours is really nutural souund of your art. and techanic of paint is very strong you have select the water colour. best of luck to you art master.

yogendra kumar purohit