Tuesday 9 March 2010

A Day in the Life Of an Artist

"Amethyst Vein"
Simply Celebrating Colour

I often feel my life is like a wonderful dream. A beautiful kaleidoscope of colours running from one to the other as exciting opportunties keep coming my way . Each more incredible than the last.

Yesterday was yet another wonderful day. On my morning walk I saw new born lambs. New life and a feeling of new energy surrounds me in this heavenly countryside. Then my day started with  painting in my studio followed by..........

1)    Norway Workshop:  I had been invited to Norway to hold a workshop this Summer some time ago.The organisers were in London on a brief visit to UK so  I invited them to Hampshire so that we could meet. They are such  amazing people and I eagerly looking forward to my trip which I will share news of  this week.

2)  Castle Art Event : I came home to then race out again for an Arts Society meeting which took place last night.  I am organising an event later this year which will be held in a castle. This news I will also share on my blog in a seperate  entry.  To be able to share my progress in the project  was  such a release as it is going to be a very special occasion. I will be able to advertise it very soon.

3)   Invitations  Last night after a wonderful day I returned home to briefly read my emails and messages. One was from a contact in USA regarding a workshop there,  another was from a publisher in USA regarding my inclusion in a book which my own publisher in UK is aware of,  another was an invitation  from a London Gallery,  another from Dubai. Several were wonderful emails letting me know how much my Saturday workshop was enjoyed including invitations to see baby owls and chickens.......thank you so much for these!

And now I am happily  preparing my materials to take to Alton for the second Watercolour Workshop at the gallery which again is fully booked.

I have quickly glanced at my email inbox this morning to see  more incredible messages from Paris, London, U.S.A, Dubai and China.

I will drive to my workshop taking in just how very lucky I am. I have a wonderful life sharing my passion for watercolour and I keep meeting the most amazing people along the way in my art journey.

To all the very special friends who have contacted me this week is really exceptionally busy but I will be replying to all of my messages personally at the end of the week.

And I have yet another very special day tomorrow.

I love life!


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