Wednesday 24 March 2010

On the Beach

"On The Beach"
Original Watercolour by Jean Haines

Today I am loading my car with  a collection of paintings to deliver to the Peter Hedley Gallery in Dorset. I was selected from the SWA,Society of Women Artists  Annual Exhibition to take part in a show there last Autumn. During the exhibition my work sold so well that I was invited to become a gallery artist. Now I  continue to return with new work on a regular basis.

The painting " On the Beach" is one of my favourites from the show and sold immediately. I became fascnated with how the light played on this childs arm so the whole painting evolved around that section. No preliminary sketch. Just colour guiding my brushmarks as always.

I am often asked what is my best selling subject and I  have to honestly answer I don't have one. Everything seems to sell. My cockerels are collected and expected in nearly every show. Flowers are always popular and animals seem to "walk off walls". I don't even think it is the subject that sells. I think it is  the style. It is unique and fresh and  is popular  because no one knows what to expect next from me. To be very honest I don't either!

If you are near Dorset ,UK do look into the Peter Hedley Gallery. They have some very fine artists including Victor Ambrus and Nicholas St. John Rosse.



Cheryl said...

another beautiful painting Jean you are so talented.It is this freshness and use of colour and light that is so elusive to a lot of paintings /artists work and one that I (and many others reading the comments)want to aspire to.I agree it is your style that is so magical it has captured an essence/quality that I have been looking for in other artists/tutors work and have truly so far only found all the elements in your work.I really hope I can achieve just 1/5th of your ability and then I will be delighted.heres to hoping.

Billie Crain said...

I think it's amazing that you can move from subject to subject with ease w/o a preliminary drawing! How you can hold an image in your head so well as to get everything in the right place, the right proportions, etc. is beyond me. That's truly a gift.

Arti said...

The freshness of this painting is unmatched!A perfect watercolor, I think.Congratualtions.

Marie Theron said...

Hi Jean, one day you will wake up to your fame! Of course everything will sell and that at a time when people buy essentials before they buy paintings. This little child is very special and it is really impossible to grasp how you arrived at this image through all the layers!