Thursday, 1 April 2010

Why Venice?

Me, in Venice in glorious sunshine and very much in love with all I see.

I have been asked how I came to choose the painting on the cover of my new book which will be out this summer. There is a reason but probably not the obvious one.

As an artist I paint everything in sight. Nothing seems to flummox me as  I will jump happily from painting portraits to animals in a heartbeat. Show me a flower and  my heart will skip a beat as I race to capture that in watercolour too. Surrounded by gorgeous countryside landscapes appeal to me and as I travel so much  the destinations always tease my eye in a way that I have to record them via my brushstrokes.

This presented a problem because for the cover of my book an image was needed that was appealing to other artists. If I chose a flower painting would that deter those who didn't enjoy painting florals? If I shared a portrait would that make the content seem too difficult  for anyone who didn't understand my style and way of working. If you aren't interested in painting animals you could easily walk past a book with one on the cover.

And so a decision had to be made.

In my life of all the amazing countries I hve lived in or travelled to Venice  has to be the most an artist following in masters footsteps. I had longed to go there for years. I have also longed to write a book on watercolour for the longest time.

The two dreams  seemed to coincide in reality.

Venice for me  was magical, I do hope my book is to those who read it!



Cheryl said...

I love this photo of you and for one who knows how you feel about having it taken (as I too dont like it) it is a joyous one, you can see the delight in your face.I too have been to Venice and I agree whole heartedly it is a magical place and so love your way of describing how you want to paint.I too am wanting to go from different subjects to subjects but unlike you at the moment I know I can paint but just yet dont know how to so heres to learning from you to capture all these wonderful images.

Marie Theron said...

The cover was the best choice ever, can anybody resist a book looking like that. You are beautiful both inside and out and that can be read in every gentle painting as well!

Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats on your book! The cover looks awesome. I am in Venice myself in about two weeks. The most over-painted place on earth..haha
Can't wait.
I second what you wrote about the place. I also think that you've made the right choice for your cover.