Friday, 9 April 2010

Silence is Golden

Whisper of a Flower in Spring
Hardly there but telling a story of a sunlit day with minimal brushstrokes.

That Special Moment.

Every workshop has one. It is the  period you work towards in an all day session. You start  the day with an introduction, demonstrate, give information and instruction and aim to inspire with every single word and brushstroke. An atmosphere where everyone can relax and enjoy the session is vital along with laughter at times over unexpected funny comments.

 Yesterday as always on my workshops we started the session with some warm up simple exercises to get our brushes moving using brushmarks looking at ways colour  works on paper with water. Saying so much with so little. We were not aiming at a finished painting although some seemed to magically appear.

It is a routine I have used on many occasions. A teaching technique and schedule which I am delighted is now being used by artists who have studied with me in their own workshops all over the world. To teach is a gift so to pass on the gift of teaching is a privilege knowing you are creating so much joy reaching out to others you may never have the opportunity to meet through your own work. 

After lunch in my workshops the session always then becomes more serious as everyone looks forward to the main painting time of the day.We have all the individual techniquesfrom the mornings demonstrations  but now we put them together to form the complete composition. And we are always aware we are half way through the day already. Time is flying by.

But there is one point on my workshops that is the most magical to me. A time when you can hear a pin drop in the room. Everyone has  now become so engrossed with their  brushwork that you as a teacher don't even exist. You are almost redundant.Your demonstrations have  pressed a button which cannot be switched off . A fire of enthusiasm has hit each artists soul as they become one with their paper.

You watch silently.

You look around the room as each head is  now in position to focus on their painting. Nothing elses matters. You could be invisible.

And when this happens I often feel  like crying. Purely because getting to this place in our minds to paint can be so hard  for many artists at the best of times. To get there on a workshop surrounded by others is often impossible.

But it does happen. And when it does it is magical.

Yesterday I gently touched an artists arm in the front of the class and asked her to look behind her at the silent room.We both in that moment knew silence is golden.

These moments I will remember forever .




bonne destination said...

Hello again, Jean.

Thank you for an inspirational workshop: my mind is still buzzing with colours and brushstrokes and runs of watery mixes.

You are so positive and enthusiastic that your energy is transferred to us and I am determined to have a go at a daffodil !

I love seeing your paintings on your blog especially the early stages and then the finished work: the transition is magical. Just gorgeous.

Enjoy the belated Spring weather.

Joan M

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hello Joan,it was wonderful to meet you and I really am thrilled you enjoyed the session,right now I can't wait to get painting too!

Have a fabulous time painting and I will share more on my blog soon! It is so lovely to know my entries here of stages are being enjoyed.


Sandra Busby said...

What a beautiful blog you have - and such talent! I am in awe! One of my biggest problems is loosening up, something I am struggling to be able to do. I would love to be able to attend one of your work-shops. Do you have any more coming up? Where are your work shops held? I will definately be back!

Lindsey said...

loving the whisper of a flower in spring - the ethereal effect touches me. Thank you,I'm glad I found your blog!
Have a look at ours, you might just enjoy the diversity of material there -

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hello Sandra, I live in UK and have more workshops this Autumn in Hampshire. I have only a few spaces left I am afraid but you are welcome to contact me if you would like one. I am also teaching in Norway in August in a stunning location if you could make it there.

Loosening up is so wonderful as it frees you in every area of your life not just painting. I would love to meet you so please stay in touch and I will keep sharing as often as I can..thank you so much for your reply


Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Lindsay I LOVE your blog and have joined, I listen to Celtic music whilst I paint and use it often in my workshops. I am glad our paths have crossed,Celtic spirits should be united definitely! Thank you so much for letting me know you passed by here and I hope to see you again soon!