Saturday, 17 April 2010


This morning I have founded Artists With Hearts.

I have many friends who as artists help so many charities by their brushstrokes but I also know many people who never seem to have a reason to pick up a brush. When they do because they are painting minus a true purpose their work often ends up as an unsuccessful result. I also know many professional artists who are tired of painting landscapes or portraits and  never have that " something" to paint just for fun or for someone special.

There are so many ways as artists we could unite and help others who need  the knowledge that someone out there cares.

All of my life I have been blessed in that I always had a roof over my head and food to eat and most of  all good health. And I have always felt that my passion for art is far more than gaining success, fame, awards, paintings in galleries or well read books. I want to DO something good with my art. Something that really matters.That makes a difference to someones day. .

I know many artists like me have huge hearts but have nowhere for their love to shine.

Now we have a special "place".

Artists With Hearts will be a membership free foundation and I will share more news on this idea soon. It will regularly show where your love  and  gift of art is needed to  lift someones spirits and help to make a difference.

Iif you are reading this you are in at its birth.

You don't have to be an artist  who paints to join, you can also help in other ways too so please be a member. And when I say EVERYONE is welcome, I mean everyone.

More news soon!



Sandra Busby said...

I do love this style of painting. It leaves your mind to fill it in! So clever!

Helen said...

Wonderful idea Jean and so like you!

Cheryl said...

Again Jean heartfelt thanks for putting into words what a lot of people,myself included have thought for a long time,but not had the channel to do so.I will help in anyway I can so please include me.I have started and run several business's so if my art isnt up to scratch you are right I have many other skills to offer for such a wonderful concept and will willing do so.