Sunday, 4 April 2010

Watercolour Workshops This Week!

 Getting Serious!

I know there are many artists getting very excited as this week the first of my Spring 2010 workshops in Winchfield. Many have booked their places from as early as last years sessions when they immediately wanted to come back. In fact there were a few artists attending last year who didn't want to go home!

It was a fantastic time and I am really looking forward to this years sessions. I have so much more to give and so many new  ideas as my own techniques have improved. And I do give everything in each session. I love the comments coming my way telling me how  fast I am travelling in my watercolour journey and how much my paintings are changing in a very exciting way. I want everyone around me to feel as much joy in their experiences with watercolour as I do.

I have read excited messages asking what to bring to my workshops and letting me know how  eager everyone is to come.

There are those travelling from all over UK and there are those who have to fly to get here from South Africa, Italy and France. Accomodation has been arranged and on my part quite a lot of running around doing research has gone on behind the scenes.


I take teaching or holding workshops seriously in that I want to ensure each session is about the individual who attends. I want to bring out the best in them as an artist and when they leave I want the inspiration to last long after the session has ended. I share everything I know from my heart but I also don't want anyone putting me on a pedestal. I am just a very ordinary person who happens to feel passionate about watercolour. I know I have the ability to make others feel the same way and that I find to be the biggest privilege.

So to everyone coming this week please relax. enjoy every moment including the preparation before you get to me.Pack all of your favourite brushes,papers and watercolours. Bring the paper you would normally use and  also include a few photographs of things you enjoy so I can understand  your goals and dreams well. Please make sure these are your own photographs taken by you so that you have physically seen what you are  showing me!

This is going to be one of my favourite weeks of 2010 and I really can't wait!


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