Sunday, 4 April 2010

Crossing Bridges Continued!

A Very Old Canal Bridge Appearing in Watercolour.

I do love it when people say  to me " I didn't know you painted landscapes!".  I paint absolutely everything but often the seasons dictate what my subject matter will be. You will often find me attracted to painting flowers in the springtime and summer months. Animals I paint all the time. Landscapes appear as I travel or paint on location. My "Watercolours With Life" workshops  cover a variety of subjects in each session so that everyone who attends is sure to paint something that they feel passionate about.

I recieved some wonderful messages following my " Crossing Bridges" blog entry yesterday so felt this  watercolour study of a canal bridge  appropriate to share today. Painted on location last year with friends I loved quietly taking in the scenery and allowing it to breath to life on paper,bringing into the scene some of the history of the bridge that is so old. What stories it could tell of days gone by  when the only people to cross it were on foot or horseback.

I still have many bridges to cross and I am heeding some wonderful advise. Never cross any bridges that you don't feel comfortable about crossing yet and if you do cross any successfully share the positive experience with others!

I am getting so many questions forwarded and requests regarding advise on how to start teaching or  holding workshops and  how much to charge. I can only share my own experiences and views but will try to help as much as possible. Sadly yet another email came my way from someone who had parted with almost £100 to attend a one day workshop with an artist who they later discovered had never taught or held a workshop in their life before.They felt cheated as the workshop wasn't  very good as the artist had no experience whatsoever. Please bear in mind it isn't always the artists fault in these situations. Quite often the organisers of art holidays or art centres behind the events are also to blame. Please do your own research into workshops and find out as much as you can beforehand about the demonstrating artist. If they are teaching abroad find out how well attended their workshops are in their own country. If they are not teaching there ask the question , why?

Be cautious!

I will happily share some thoughts and suggestions in a seperate entry so please keep sending me  the questions as I am sure  they will be ones that many others would love to know answers to!


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