Friday, 9 April 2010

Spring Flower Workshop 2010 Homework

 Homework from the Spring Flower Workshop

To everyone who came on the Spring Flower 2010 workshop here it is. You may have thought I was joking but no, I was absolutely serious. I took photographs at the beginning of the morning so that the workshop could continue long after the session ended!

Please look at the above photograph, think about where we started in the opening of my workshop and decide how you would approach this composition. Bear in mind it could be very easy to trace the outline of this flower now that it is a mere photograph on screen but this would be totally obvious in our results, kill our natural ability to create, detract us from being a better artist and on top of this we know we are aiming for original results that sing full of life!  

So better still find a real daffodil that looks similar and paint that instead as the main subject.

There are four main points to consider.

Please remember............


 You can email me your results or contact me on facebook and I really would love to see how you get on while I am not there whispering to you!


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