Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Good News Follows Good News!

"Good Morning"

It has been another incredible week but I am beginning to believe my whole life  leaps from one fantastic day to the next. Maybe the Spring air is affecting my brushstrokes or the wonderfully positive friends I know along with artists who share my enthusiasm for watercolour. But I really am having the most exceptional of years and to think it is only April!

I had wonderful news at the beginning of this week which I will share at a later date. Whenever something wonderful happens it always takes me some time to allow it to sink in before I wish to tell anyone else!

A little while ago I took a collection of my paintings to a new gallery. We discussed pricing and framing options and I left feeling positive about leaving my paintings in such responsible hands. However the very same day I was surprised to recieve a phone call letting me know my work had already sold. I luckily had paintings in my studio to deliver to the gallery in their place. This has happened to me before when I have taken work into new galleries and it is a wonderful feeling.

Since then the gallery has now moved to the new larger premises. On my visit yesterday I discovered most of the paintings from my new collection taken in only last week had been sold yet again.  I am thrilled for the gallery owner more than anything else because they are such an amazing person. I  am over the moon for their success. Having said that at this time of typing I realise there are very few of my originals available at the moment as they seem to have all sold  and maybe too well recently. I am receiving requests for my best selling subjects and I know if I painted continually I could meet demand but this is not how I work. I paint from my heart and not purely for sales. I paint subjects as I wish to paint them, when I wish to paint them and these are then taken to each of the galleries or exhibitions I show in.

Each painting I create is of a subject that has called to my artists soul with emotion pouring into each and  every brushstroke. The relationship between myself as the creator and the finished piece is vital to my results. My excitement and sheer joy when everything comes together is the evidence of the magic of watercolour . Glowing glorious colours working in vibrant combinations.

This Saturday I am returning to the new gallery with a collection of new cockerels and there are several clients waiting to see them. Tomorrow I am delivering  racing scenes to London and in my studio I am working on a painting for a very wonderful celebrity along with a special charity auction piece for an event that will take place in London in May.

My new subjects are under wraps until I share them when the collection is ready.

My life is full and I am a very  ecstatic artist at the moment and I think this is what is shining in my paintings lately. My  zest and joy of life. I wish everyone could be as happy. That would really make me feel on top of the world because there is no point in having happiness unless others can feel it too.




Maree Clarkson said...

What a wonderful chain of events Jean! Living with passion always reaps rewards. Living with Passion is about creating and experiencing joy in as many aspects of life as possible. If we were to think of the above equation in terms of a simple visualization, we can imagine that Purpose is a ship sailing towards Prosperity and that Passion and Peace are the rudders, the sails and the wind that propel it forward. Well done and thank you for all your inspirational posts!

Cheryl said...

All of what you have shared here how you feel when you create, shows in your creations/ subjects Jean, that is along with the riot of colours you use and the way they are combined ensures they are magical pieces of art,no wonder then they are calling to people to own one.

Sandra Busby said...

I think you are right - Your happiness does shine from your paintings! Congratulations, you must be so proud!

_Frankb10 said...

There is no wonder that your work sells so fast. Every painting of yours that I have looked has the subject leaping off the paper at you. I find your use of colour and elegant strokes mesmerising.
So glad that you have kept your head and do only the work you want to do and not be forced to paint simply for money. Keep happy, keep painting!

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Maree I read your reply over and over again before I replied. I absolutely love your outlook on life and I would eagerly love to meet you. You are always so positive and genuinely care about others which is how life to me should be. I am so thrilled our paths crossed and I will keep hoping we meet in person one day.Thank you for such a wonderful response.

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hello Cheryl

Thank you so much for a great response and I really look forward to seeing you in June as I know you are on my workshops then.Together we will have fun exploring colour!

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hello Sandra, I am so thrilled to meet you albeit online. I am happy and there is really so much to be happy about in life but not proud. I feel humble that I am so small in a world full of far more experienced artists than I and the fact I know how far I have to go in my own journey as a reality helps me enjoy each learning step I take. I hope to make many more! Thank you so much for being here and for leaving a lovely comment.

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hello Fran,

Thank you for such a wonderful reply. I think I am very blessed in that the galleries and artists I work with give me such terrific advise. I often hear the mistakes of artists painting for simply the sake of painting and see this in results that are lifeless and almost appearing to be " churned out from a conveyer belt".

This style of painting is not for my artists soul so I will take heed to those who really know and continue to paint from my heart.

This may mean collectors have to wait for that special piece but when they see it they will know it was painted with love and holding love which within the frame will bless them also for all the years they look at it. That is quite a lovely thought isn't it!