Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Magical First Washes

A Magical first wash full of life and energy via exciting brushstrokes.

I have had yet another incredible day. Starting with a meeting at a castle  to arrange an art event that will take place later this year with an amazing guest artist followed by a quick visit to a new gallery that has opened this week. I had taken work in  previously so that it could be framed ready for the opening. Out of the collection my new baby owl looks so wonderful in the gorgeous frame that I must admit I nearly changed my mind to keep it!

Next I returned to my studio and continued with washes for my new collection of cockerels. I am aiming for more than character this time, I want a feeling of life in each piece with new and dramatic interpretations of washes and water runs which I am  advidly becoming a huge fan of. My work as ever is evolving to a point where I am finding it very difficult to pass on each new technique or approach as the complex layers and colour interaction play a huge part in the results. Knowing the properties of each pigment and how they "play" together is vital to the final effects also.

This afternoon my washes are literally singing with life reflecting my happy mood. So much so that I couldn't resist sharing this wonderful one shared above that will tempt me all night and tease my imagination into where this painting is leading. In my mind I thought I knew what I was aiming for but this is far better than I had hoped for so my direction will change as I will allow the brushmarks and colour to guide my artists eye in the  morning. 

I have the sense to leave this alone for tonight and enjoy it as it is but I cannot wait for  tomorrow to come,this will indeed be a very special cockerel!

As I explained on my workshop last week. If you achieve something  wonderful at any stage don't be in a race to move forward.Tarry awhile and love things as they are at each and every stage in a painting.That way the medium has a chance to tell you what it wishes you to do next.

Listen to what it tells you!



Lindsey said...

Oh yes - sometimes it is a week until I know what to do next with paintings or until I have time to! I love this cockrel in the making, vibrant and full of movement

Maree Clarkson said...

Love the way he is looking directly at us Jean - don't know where you've gone with this in the meantime, but I love this one!

Anonymous said...

this is sooo very true and sometimes this is the hardest thing to do, walk away and let it be. But you are very right about letting the painting take you there on it's own, if I just listen and don't push it.
thanks for all the tips and pointers that you give.