Friday, 2 April 2010

Capturing Life and Colour in Watercolour Studies.

 Capturing Life and Colour in Watercolour Studies.

It's the time of year  when everything around me comes to life in vibrant colour.  Walks with my  wonderful dogs turn into incredible quests to gain the best photographs and memories of special days and sights in a variety of light effects. I love Spring flowers so much that it is impossible not to feel great when you keep coming across banks and hedgerows full of such beautiful formations which create perfect natural compositions right in front of my eyes.The temptation to paint has never been greater.

 Cowslips Shapes with Bold Background Colour Combinations.
I love what I cannot see more than what is obvious in this close up of a cowslip study in watercolour
This week I saw the very first cowslip bravely facing the cold wind. Half hidden in shadow the morning light played dancingly on each petal. The colours were amazing to witness. In seconds as a cloud passed overhead everything changed. Gone was the expected yellow as branches above cast patterns on the ground. It was   fantastic and this change also hit me how much we can alter what colours everyone expects to see in any painting to the unexpected. The clouds and sunlight created options I had not even considered before. I quickly  aimed to capture the mood and atmosphere in watercolour.

These are yesterdays studies. Glorious  bold use of colour capturing the effect of the clouds mixed with dappled sunlight. 

Cowslips in Spring
Original Watercolour by Jean Haines

Whilst playing on a  long scrap of paper a painting almost accidentally appeared as if by magic which is my way of working. A  technique that over years has become known as my style.

 Standing Tall, A Cowslip begins to appear in Watercolour
Original Study by Jean Haines

Seeing colour and light plays such a huge part in an artists life. This is why my first book covers how I see colour, how I paint it and how light effects my technique choices. I am having so much fun playing with the colours of the season and I hope you are too.

Have a wonderful Easter and Happy Painting.

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Kaye Parmenter said...

Happy Easter to you too Jean. Your cowslips are fantastic, it's lovely to hear your thought process and how you are seeing colours. Thanks for sharing.