Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Spring Workshops 2010

"Proud Gent"

Yesterday saw the start of my annual Spring "Watercolours With Life" 2010 workshops in UK. It really is amazing how quickly time flies. The group who arrived yesterday morning were wonderful. To have my publisher and Editor in the  room seemed to make the day even more special so a huge thank you to Katie and Roz for coming and allowing me to share the unofficial  cover of my book with everyone. This was a very exciting moment and from here we are all eagerly looking forward to the books release.

In the room today will be artists from South Africa, Italy and France as well as from all over UK. I have challenges and techniques to cover  during the second day workshop that are even as I type pulling me in the direction of my brushes!

The evenings all week are organised so that everyone staying over can get together for a meal if they wish. Usually in quaint country pubs which England is so famous for. I did smile last night over the evening meal when Marina mentioned her "looking forward to getting together" on this art week has been so special that in a way  it is sad that in just  a few more days it will all be over already. But there will always be next year which is already being planned and will be very exciting because the workshops in 2012 take a completely new direction. More on that later!

Time really does fly so it is best to make the most of every single moment while we can in the best possible way. In my view that is by sharing and being with wonderful friends, some old, some new. People who enrich our lives just by being in it. 

Life is  great!


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