Sunday, 4 April 2010

Preparing for a Workshop

Monkey Business!
A  painting that without fail makes me smile!
Original Watercolour by Jean Haines.

Preparing For  a Workshop.

You have booked your workshop and  you are planning  what to take  with you, nerves are setting in if this is your first one and excitement could be setting in if you know the artists work and have been looking forward to seeing them in action. You have carried out research beforehand in that you have seen their paintings and you know they have taught before on many occasions. Everything is as it should be so now you pack!

A few tips..............

1) Always take your favourite equipment with you. Make sure if you have bought new brushes you have used them before the class. It is too late to discover you don't like them half way through a session! Take plenty of good quality paper  in case you need it for exercises and main paintings. Take your palette, favourite watercolour shades and a water container. Take a table easel or easel whichever you prefer to work with if you wish and always take what is the easiest to carry  for the journey especially if travelling abroad. If in doubt of what to take ask the artist what they use!

2) Check the Location. How many are in the class and will you have plenty of room to work? Find out if a car park is near where you will be painting so you know how much you can take and how far you need to carry your materials. If  you haven't far you can load the car!

3) Arrive Early to set up and meet the other artists attending. Avoid walking in and missing the first demonstrations.This does not go down well with the other artists or the demonstrator!

4) Be a considerate Artist on a workshop. Do not disturb other artists if you can see they are in the middle of a wonderful painting.Wait to chat in coffee breaks or lunch periods.

5) Relax! Forget everyone else and have a great time. Everyone has chosen to be on the workshop for a reason. To learn and be inspired .

6) Don't be nervous! The only person who has the right to be nervous is the demonstrator as they have everyone watching! Smile and enjoy the day!

7) Practise when you get home.Don't waste all the energy and time  invested in a workshop by not allowing yourself  some free time when you leave the sessions to cover what you have taken in or enjoyed!

8) Finally, be smart! If you enjoy the workshop book early for  future sessions. Share good and bad expreiences with friends so  everyone has the chance to only have wonderful experiences! 


My workshops in 2010 are almost fully booked apart from a few spaces in Autumn but I have some fabulous art courses lined up for 2011 which include other favourite artists too.So watch this space!

I am being approached to teach all over the world which is so wonderful and yes I am interested in doing so. Please could Art Societies or Art Groups who wish to book my workshops either here or abroad please contact me as soon as possible as my schedule for 2011 and 2012 is already filling.


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