Thursday, 15 April 2010

" I Can't !"

In Thought
Original Watercolour by Jean Haines

These two words I hear all the time on my workshops or in emails.

" I can't "
These two words are often followed with variants of the following.

"I can't paint portraits"
"I can't paint boats"
"I can't paint figures"
"I can't paint animals"
"I can't paint landscapes"

You can!

Anyone can paint anything at all, the only thing stopping you is YOU!

With my technique I only see colour and patterns, not  subjects. A face is painted in exactly the same way as a vase of flowers or a landscape. I paint  light by working  around it to emphasise it. And you can too if you want to.

So if you are looking for a new technique or new subjects to paint I have some homework for you.

I want you to start saying

" I can! "

Everything else will follow from there with a little push from me!



Crystal Cook said...

You are exactly right :)

And I love this painting.

Cheryl said...

I love this so much Jean I can see I am going to have a ball with you and I promise I wont stamp my feet or wail outloud or have a mardy when you tell me I can do all these wonderful things you can do,and I dont mind how hard you push so long as its not out of the door..So so glad I found you.

A Brush with Color said...

I do think it's all about those records we play in our heads. Very good advice, and I love this, too!

Helen said...

You know I always believe you Jean!!!!!

Sandra Busby said...

Yes - I can relate to that one! Your work is an inspiration. I am definately going to by your book! I tried to get it on Amazon today but it's not out just yet. I would be very interested in coming to one of your workshops. How can I find out when and where they are?

Anonymous said...

How much means for me Your beautiful vision of colors and details in Your painting - in this time, the time when in Poland we realy cry for those bad things, which has happened... -- I'd like You to know that You inspire me and You show me the way for the art life, if it'll be given to me. Thank You, for the light!