Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Workshop Questions About Me : No: 1

Cockerels from Yesterdays Studio Session

I loved all the questions I was asked last week during  my "Watercolours with Life" workshops. I meant to come onto my blog and share some along with the answers but I know in time that will happen gradually anyway.

Question  No 1: How Often do I Paint?

Firtsly how often do I paint was asked quite a few times and the answer is every day. I start with washes in the morning and work towards a main painting from my favourites in the afternoon. This does not mean I finish a painting  a day! It means I always have several paintings at pleasing stages to choose from to work on. It also means I see them when I enter my studio each morning. This starts my day with a wonderful feeling of  anticipation and excitement. These also have me leaving the studio every evening on a positive high and returning the next morning eagerly to see what happened the day before. I am so enthusiastic and very passionate about this medium that working this way is almost like the feeling on the eve before Christmas Day when you know you have so much to look forward. Only Christmas for me is on a daily basis.

The cockerels above are a few I painted during yesterdays art session in my studio and a few are alongside the easel on the floor. Painting quietly on my own is a luxury and I listen to Celtic music as I create.

This does not mean I will definitely be painting cockerels today. Far from it! I will paint where my heart leads me and this will give me the very best of results. But in all honesty it SHOULD be a cockerel as a few are really needed at the moment..........but we will see!


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