Friday, 16 April 2010

My Journey With PostPals Begins, Please join me.

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Last night I couldn't sleep for thinking about Postpals and how amazing that a young girl set it the organisation up to help other children. I also had  read the postpal web site and as many faces of children tugged at my heart strings and I have made my mind up to become involved in the only way I know how. Via my paintbrush and I am begging not asking you to become involved too.
I am starting my  journey with postpals by sending a painting to Robyn, a little girl who is going through the most painful of treatment for Cancer in America. She loves animals,spongebob and the colour yellow. Not only  is she being very brave but she is away from home.She looks far older than the pretty little seven year old that she is. Please look at Robyns story and see her photo.

When I was little all I  had to suffer was a mass of  horrible ginger curly hair that shone bright orange in sunlight. I hated it but that was ALL I had to worry about.

 Side by Side 
Help me send smiles to Robyn 

I had painted a new row of Bearded Collies for someone but it is going to Robyn instead. She needs the love support and kindness of artists hearts from all over the world as soon as possible.

Robyns Story.............

"Story written 2010
Robyn is a wonderful, cheeky, toothless 7 year old girl, who in May 2009 was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. As with many children with this cancer, it had spread by the time she was diagnosed, so her diagnosis is known as stage 4 - high risk. Robyn has responded really well to her treatment and her primary tumour in her pelvis was removed successfully in September 2009.
Unfortunately she suffered some nerve damage in her right leg and foot (as the tumour was attached to the nerves that serve her right leg) and as a result she is still having difficulty walking the shortest distances even with the help of crutches. To explain the full horror of the treatment that Robyn has had to endure for the last 8 months would take a long time. Her mother was once told by a consultant that no other cancer has this type of treatment - it is extremely aggressive - fight fire with fire…
Robyn is very beautiful, inside and out, and extremely active. She used to enjoy gymnastic classes with her cousins, dancing, and would ride her bike for miles. She loves Harry Potter, High School Musical and Lady Gaga. She has a strange liking for mini coopers - in particular, yellow ones. She loves Spongebob, animals, and the colour yellow. She also loves dressing up and much to her mother’s disgust - applying make up!
Robyn would dearly love and appreciate receiving a letter from anyone who could spare the time to brighten up her day. I speak for every parent of a child with cancer when I say they are the bravest, most beautiful beings to walk this earth."

I am going to dedicate any step by steps I share on my blog to postpals, if you find them inspiring or you wish to join me and help  chidlren who need smiles please send a painting or card when you can.

Why don't we inundate Robyn with wonderful paintings of animals ,spongebob or anything yellow a little girl could love. Yellow teddy bears? Anything to do with Lady Gaga?  How as artists can we unite in this? Can we? And what if these paintings and cards  came from all over the world. Just imagine being so poorly that strangers reaching out to help you made all the difference to the terrible pain you were having to endure

C/O 67 Alphington Avenue,
GU16 8LY
United Kingdom

Robyn is currently having treatment in America. Friends and family are frequently visiting so will take post out with them.

Robyn H
Philadelphia Ronald Mcdonald House,
3925 Chestnut Street,

I have long wondered how being online can unite artists in a way that we not only inspire each other but we also do so much more in the world. Now we can virtually hold hands and share brushstrokes to brighten  a childs day and make a difference on their life.
Please help me make Robyn smile in America.............and we can make many other chidren smile too together over time.

Your homework  and challenge this week is  to paint  something to make Robyn smile........ 

Please link to this page so that others can see and help Robyn too........thank you.

I will add more news on Artists With Hearts soon. We all can join and we ALL can make a difference.



a woman who is said...

Oh you are touching my heart Jean. You have also inspired my art. I will try to do something to send her way.

Cheryl said...

Same here Jean count me in.Cancer is part of all of both sides of my familys history/legacy and every type so I know the pain and heartache watching some-one you love struggling with this but no-one as young as Robyn.Anything I can do to help.