Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Mama Mia!

Mia, a Bichon Frise, appearing from a first wash!

One of the dogs I met during my stay in Norway for my watercolour workshops there was the sweetest little Bichon Frise you ever could see. Her owners had brought her to meet me outside the gallery as I had been painting her from another photograph in the session the night before.

I couldn't resist  the urge to race and get my own camera to try to take a face shot but Mia was very camera shy and really didn't like "paparrazi" at all. Like a movie star she turned her head away from my lens and efforts to capture her sweet personality. But one shot made those few patient moments so worthwhile apart from the chance to touch such a fabulous dog.

The bigger painting of Mia which was part of my workshop demonstration is now looking so exciting I may include it in my next book so it will be shown to my publishers at our next meeting. This meant my heart needed to paint another piece to complete right now. This morning little Mia sat on my desk and begged me to pick my brush up and so I started with her button nose choosing soft shades and then her nearest eye. The reaction I want when people look at my finished painting is one of " Oh how cute" which suits little Mia perfectly.

I am painting with emotion attached to each brushstroke as I adore my subject and want so badly to bring her to life .This needs to be more than just a painting or picture. It needs to breathe magically and seem full of life. Like my own dog Mia is elderly so I want to capture a happy moment here , a memory of a very special pet that is so obviously loved dearly.

Kjellfrid if you are reading this I hope you like the start of this new painting and I will add the  next few  brushstrokes as the week progresses. I have an exhibition and workshops here next week so my time is pretty full at the moment so please bear with me!


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artbyjune said...

This looks so cute already.