Wednesday, 1 October 2014

UK Workshops 2015

"Dancing Koi"

UK Watercolour Workshops 2015

 I have been almost dreading sharing an update about my 2015 UK watercolour workshops but I have to share the news. Which is that as soon as information was released, next years courses were almost immediately fully booked.

Due to my 2015 book launch and annual art event commitments my time to hold workshops each year has been limited. Which is why I carefully select dates throughout every year to run motivational courses that will be based on highly inspirational themes. I absolutely loved this years sessions and I know,  from the many wonderful emails I have recieved ,that many attending artists felt that the same way. In that they too had enjoyed memorable days. I love not only how the art flows on these occasions but how everyone meets and makes new friends, whilst sharing time, painting and creating.

On my blog I have been requesting that anyone interested in my workshops should contact me on my personal email address. So that their names could be added to my workshop contact list. This year I have been overwhelmed with requests for workshop places and my 2015 courses have sold out very quickly.

We are now  working on the waiting lists in case of cancellations which due to lifes unforeseen hiccups, can sometimes happen.

So please, if you have not already done so , please email me to add your name to my contact list. This way you will ensure you receive information before my events are advertised, which this year I am not even doing due to the popular demand for workshop places.

Thank you to everyone who has booked workshop places so promptly. And I look forward to seeing you next year.

I will be demonstrating at the 2015 Patchings Art Festival and if  any new events arise I  will be sharing news here, as soon as possible.


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Unknown said...

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for the beautiful work you have created and shared with us. Your watercolor piece, "Absolutely Fabulous" is my favorite. I grew up with my grandmother who painted watercolor and I appreciate the hard work it requires. The color schemes you used flow freely through the piece, and connect / compliment so nicely. When I look at this piece, it calms me and makes me want to smile. I love how it resembles a beautiful rooster, whose colors glisten in a rainbow of colors. I appreciate how messy this piece is, because roosters aren't soft creatures, but rather rough and jagged.