Monday 17 August 2015

"Fed Up! " Border Terrier in Watercolour

"Fed Up!"
Border Terrier in Watercolour

Last week Townhouse Films came to my cottage to film my new DVD and brought their little border terrier "Flossie" with them.   Bailey, my Bearded Collie, took to Flossie  very quickly and they enjoyed playing in the garden whilst we worked filming my DVD. To be honest all went really well and I almost forgot Flossie was here apart from one hiccup when she was in the kitchen whilst I was working on one of the demonstrations. Flossie snorted quite loudly at a point in the film that I don't think can be edited. I have to confess I am a terrible giggler. I am okay if nobody sets me off laughing but once they do I have had it!

I had hoped to grow out of giggling by this age but no. I can still embarrass myself by getting totally out of control with shoulders shaking and tears running down my face. And so when we were filming I tried my best to continue with my demonstration minus having an hysterical giggling fit.  Little did I know at the time that behind the camera Malcolms' shoulders were shaking too. With laughter but we both gallantly carried on filming. This will probably be one of the most "natural" films  ever!

Earlier in the day we had taken a coffee break in thh garden. While we were sat talking about the next section to be filmed we heard a huge splash. Flossie had fallen in the canal which runs alongside our garden. I think the ducks had caught her attention and as a young pup she believed she could walk on water to get to them. Lets' just say she had a shock! In she went and we all raced to the rescue but she seemed none the worse for her wet adventure. She raced around the lawn to dry off and almost looked embarrassed with herself fo rhaving been caught falling in. Yet again we all laughed!

At the end of  filming we sat in the garden again. It had been a long full days' work. Flossie, now dry leapt onto Malcolm's lap and started to fall asleep whilst we discussed the film and when it will be released. Her eyes kept closing but every single time I tried to take a photograph of her they opened and she looked at me. She rested her head sweetly on our patio table and eventually nodded off. Elaine, Malcolm's wife explained it was a terrier "lean". A typical pose and I just had to paint it. Everyone seemed to love the dog in watercolour I started painting yesterday so here is another dog in watercolour. And I loved painting it!

A very happy memory caught in a painting.


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