Monday, 23 May 2016


Paint Yourself Calm, my new book is now available !

I am receiving many emails asking me if I have fallen off the planet as I seem to have disappeared! 

I am still very much here but so very busy. Each time I think I am really busy I get even busier still. This month I have been away to France for a week, and I am now working on magazine interviews regarding my new book " Paint Yourself Calm".

Never has the timing of a book been so badly needed but this time for me personally. Since Christmas my life has seen a few hiccups that have knocked me sideways. Nothing fatally serious but enough to distract me and knock me right off course from my usual cheerful and very bouncy self. 
But as I laughingly mentioned to one of the galleries who represent me earlier today 
" Normal service will soon be restored!". 
They laughed back, and totally understood what I have been going through recently.

For now though I am preparing for my UK workshops next week and my  exciting return to Patchings the week after next!

Life is full so please bear with me. 

On top of my busy schedule I am happy to say both of my sons are getting married this year which is keeping me very much offline! 
It is family time!

Have a great week ahead and happy painting!



Colleen R said...

Love the book!

Colleen R said...

Love the book. Here's to less busy.. Colleen