Monday 8 May 2017



How do you describe art? 
 Is it the finished creation that appeals to you or the joy in creating? 
However you answer the above questions there is no doubt that how we feel about art is highly personal.  I have always in the past for example preferred to paint a recognisable subject but my heart has also always been drawn to colour as well, rather than the subject itself. If I dismiss the thought of a subject entirely when creating, colour alone and its' application has to be extremely impressive to keep my connection with is happening on paper very much alive. And at the same time the creative colour journey has to be consistently fascinating to my artists soul.

From time to time I break free from my usual painting routine and experiment with colour alone. I believe that a good abstract painting has to hold certain elements to make it a successful piece. And from working continually in colour over the years I am following a direction of what does and what does not work, at least for me. I know what I like when I look at other artists abstract paintings. But when it comes to my own I want excitement, drama and in the piece above a feeling when painting of freedom and incrediblly uplifting mood swings.

Today the weather outside is freezing for the month of May in UK. Hence the use of warm colours in my colourful abstract.  I am also aware that I must work on my new book this week, so I will be strict with the amount of free time I have to experiment in my studio. I always aim for a balance of freedom when painting along with having a goal of achieving at least one new chapter or piece for an exhibition. As I have a solo later this year new work that is different for the show is vital at the moment.

But it is Monday and I needed to start my week on a high. I find that painting with positive colours aiming for attractive abstracts that make my soul sing lifts my mood so quickly that I am raring to paint and work. Even more so than I may have been before the colourful experimental paintings.

Whatever you are doing this week, I hope colour lifts your soul and makes you smile.

Life often needs a boost in energy and our spirits also need that little push from time to time.

How will you lift yours?

Have a great week ahead!


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Unknown said...

Love the idea of painting with warm postive colours today on the chilly May Monday morning!