Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Once in Love With Daisy

West Highland White Terrier coming to life on my easel
Without pencil lines to guide me I depend on placing chunks of colour in the right places to make an animal come to life. Daisy is obliging quite sweetly!

Oh boy!
This  is the week that was! In that it was meant to be the week we filmed for my new book. But as the filming was to take place outside and torrential rain was forecast the filming has now been postponed until next Monday. Having worked so hard in my garden getting it perfect for the shoot I was, to say the least, disappointed. The rain has flattened the wild flowers and woodland section where I intended starting the shoot. But hey ho, life goes on and there are far worse things to be upset about.

As it happens the rain was actually on my side as I spent the day starting the catalogue for my next solo exhibition. My next "Brush With a Woman" Solo Exhibition highlighting a gorgeous new collection of original watercolours  opens in September at the wonderful "The Frame Gallery" in Odiham, Hampshire.

Yesterday I sent the first images of some of my work from the show to the owner Jan and to her promotional team. Immediately I received fantastic and excited responses of " Oh I love this one"  and "Oh my word, this is my favourite" , followed by "No this is, no this one now is"! Jan loves my new work which hasn't been shown yet. My favourite comment from Jan, that this is my strongest body of work to date with the gallery in a show, and I am thrilled as I have been putting my favourite paintings by especially for this exhibition.

There will be something for everyone. Wildlife, florals, architecture and a few surprises.

Please, if you would like an invite to the Preview Evening which will be held at the gallery do let me know via email. Contact me on

Save the date. September 1st, 2017!

Oh and Daisy? Daisy is the little West Highland White Terrier owned by  such a fabulous friend, Pauline. And maybe she will be in the show but at the moment this sweet little pup is devouring my Opera Rose which seems to suit her very well. An Opera Rose Sweetheart. Maybe that should be the title of this piece!

Please wish me luck with the weather for filming next week! 


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