Monday, 3 September 2018

Be Exciting! 2018 Those Warm Up Washes.

 First Wash for Blackberry painting

I have just had the last of my UK workshops this year and last week was wonderful. I shared so many new ideas and products and each day seemed better than the last. My whole ethos about teaching is to not only inspire but to give everything I know that works away so that other artists can use my techniques too and hopefully evolve them to suit their own style. I cannot be secretive. I like to give every single piece of information away and I'm happy to say the courses were really enjoyed by wonderfully enthusiastic attendees.

My next courses are in USA and at present there are about two places left in Bonita Springs Florida if anyone would be interested in coming but be warned. These may be my best workshops yet as my passion for watercolour is at an all time high! 


I am working on a new book that cannot be "quiet"  . It builds in colour so excitingly that I am having a ball creating it. But back to this blog post.

Each day I find new inspiration as in subjects to paint and this morning I walked to the top of the hill I used to take my dog Bailey too. I find it difficult to go there without him now he is not with me anymore. But I did this morning and at the top I looked down and thought of all the happy times we walked there together. I had taken sharp secateurs with me thsi morning  to cut some bramble and hedgerow to bring back to my studio to paint in the comfort of my peaceful space.

When I returned I took a deep breath, calmed my soul and allowed colour to flow across the paper. I looked at the branches of vibrant glowing colour I had brought home and let them decide which colours I would add and where in my first washes. These colour wash flows are far more dynamic following my workshop sessions. I think I  inspired myself as much as everyone in the class and I couldn't wait to get home to paint after each session.

Two of my washes are shown below, side by side on my easel and I will finish them by adding detail next.

 Two dramatic Autumn first washes waiting to be completed!

My favourite wash so far is below. I love the flow in this piece. I won't add leaves until I know where each berry will definitely be sitting in the composition

 Favourite first wash for blackberry hedgerow painting.

I am sharing a close up below of a section of my favourite first wash, seen above If you look at the area in it  that seems to have more texture I will explain that this effect is gained by using granulation fluid. Demonstrated on my recent courses. Although I often do not use this product at all as I find my Daniel Smith colours granulate perfectly left on their own to interact. However I like doing things differently at times and this morning I "went for it" with my warm up washes using a bottle I had placed near my easel, to remind me to use it!

Close Up Section : Granulation effects achieved by using Granulation Fluid.

It is good to use different things from time to time. It pushes you to be adventurous  with your art and encourages you to search for new ways of  achieveing dynamic results in your work. At the moment  I'm listening to birds singing and now can't wait to get back to painting. I hope you are feeling inspired by nature too. I do believe going outside for a walk, taking a deep breath and absorbing the energy around you is a great start to every day.

So my artist tip for today is

" Go OUT"!

Look for treasure to paint and don't get stuck in a rut as to sitting inside non stop, as that can seriously block your artists' soul and energy.

Have a great day! And happy painting


P.S I am now sharing a lot of my work daily on Instagram so do look me up there!

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