Thursday 24 November 2011

Christmas At The Frame Gallery: Invitation

WIP, Work in Progress.
The finished painting  is part of the Christmas Show at the Frame Gallery

My new series of swan paintings will be on view for the first time at THE FRAME GALLERY in Odiham, Hampshire very soon. I delivered my Christmas collection of beautiful white swans and a snowy series of snowdrop paintings yesterday as they will be part of their fabulous seasonal event.

Other artists in the show include fellow SWA member Soraya French and fantastic wildlife artist Pip McGarry.

As this is a running exhibition any paintings sold will be taken on the day of their sale so if you would like to see the whole collection it would be wise to visit the gallery as soon as possible.

Friends and colleagues of mine will recognise the beautiful model for my paintings as it is the incredible swan who has adopted our garden as his home for the last few years.  " Sydney" has become a regular part of our lives and often surrpised one or two visitors with his  antics. He even disrupted a meeting with my publisher for my new book when he decided he would like to join our lunch party. He demands feeding by running  his beak noisily along our  french windows and raps on the glass impatiently for food. Many a time I have knelt gardening thinking my dog was sat at my side only to look up and find Sydney there instead calmly watching and sat quietly alongside me.

When he first appeared I was nervous of him.  His size out of water is rather impressive. I also feared him being too near my dog Bailey, a bearded collie. But the two have a very wierd relationship. At times they ignore each other, at times Bailey plays a harmless game of  herding Sydney into the water which the  swan seems to enjoy because seconds later he will be on the lawn again almost daring bailey to do it again.  I have watched while they both sit enjoying sunshine as if it is nothing new for a dog and swan to be companions.

Sydney was even my chosen subject for a challenge I set in a recent workshop.

In many ways he has added to the magic in my life.S o it only seems fair he should add to the magic of Christmas in a gallery show.

I will be at THE FRAME GALLERY this Saturday to celebrate the seasonal event which will open at around 5.30 pm.

Everyone is welcome .

I have heard there will be carol singing  in the village as several shops  are opening  for the occasion. The evening looks to be a wonderful way to enter this  very special time of year. I have loved painting Sydney so much that I think swans will fast become my new favourite subject.

 In fact they may have already done so!

 " Sydney"
Sneaking the duck food!


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