Friday 4 November 2011

My new book : Update

This week I have been working on the final text and chapters of my new book. All the paintings were delivered to my publisher a short time ago and now it is the text that is vitally needing attention with proof reading on my part and any last changes I feel I need to make.

At this stage in my books development it will soon leave my hands and go for approval with my publisher.  Decisions will have to be made regarding the cover image ad this is something very much on my mind, I can already see a vision of how I hope it will look.

I will need to write the dedication which is easy and written from my heart.Then I must add acknowledgements and I have so many people I would like to thank for supporting me and making this dream of mine come true. You may not realise this but every single positive comment I have received from wonderful artists attending my workshops,  amazing people sharing replies on my watercolour facebook page and here on my blog have made me feel so  inspired and encouraged to share even more than I already do. So if you have spoken to me even if it is purely by a small typed message I need to thank you too for being a part of my art journey and sharing every step of the way with me. It is people like you that help artists like me reach out for where  we want to be and I am very grateful.

I  am reminded of a wonderful old woman saying to me when I was a child that I had a beautiful singing voice and should use it  to give others pleasure. I was a shy and quiet little girl so found this very difficult. She told me there was no point in singing a  beautiful song if there was no one around to listen to the sound.  I wish she could have known I later sang as an adult to a crowd of 2000 in the audience and in Japanese. I am sure she would have smiled! I suppose this could be likened to painting a gorgeous watercolour but then not having the courage to show it to anyone.

I really cannot wait for my book launch next year which at this moment in time seesm so long away.

I will feel anxious before my books release, I will worry about it even though I know it contains my heart and soul and all I know about watercolour. I have been advised to hold things back rather than share  every fabulous tip given to me but I do know life is short. I want to give everyone who loves watercolour  all the techniques that have been passed on to me  from all over the world so that they can be passed on in turn to others. When it is my turn to leave this wonderful world I hope this new book will live on long after me and  give pleasure to many who simply wish to adore this magical medium.

It has been a very amazing week with many wonderful emails,contacts,requests and invitations.

Gradually when my time is more free I hope to share more again on my blog and for now I am simply looking forward to  enjoying all the watercolour paintings of lions!


Okami said...

Wonderful, I can't wait for you new book. I am enjoying your DVD, Amazing Ways with Watercolor, very much. Thank you very much for sharing your art and your knowledge.

aariho said...

So wonderful with your new book! I hope I one day can buy it.