Monday 15 December 2014

Magical Time : Orchids

Orchids appearing from an experimental first wash
Australia Tour 2014

I had intended to catch up on my blog before now but life, as always, had other ideas for me this past week.  I fell quiet because the very last proof of my new book arrived and this would be my last opportunity to spot any mistakes or add to my next publication. This proof was the most magical yet as the design team have now worked with my current lay out and I have to say as I turned each page I felt very emotional. This is far more than I had hoped for . So all the time spent hidden away writing has been totally worth it.  My publishers are thrilled and so am I. So my new book is now officially ready to go to print and orders are already flooding in as it is  available to pre order on


On top of working on the final proofs of my book I have been literally wading through many terrific emails from artists who attended my workshops in Australia. I'm thrilled they were enjoyed so much and now I find myself looking ahead to 2015/2016 with new ideas to inspire and motivate. To be honest I am so "on a high" with all the colour and ideas from my time in Australia that all I want to do is lock myself away and quietly paint. So you may see less of me but that will mean I have more to share when I do come out of hibernation!


For now I am going through a few experimental paintings that I brought back with me from Australia. Pieces that have given me new ideas for next years courses. I don't like to stand still with my art. Nor do I like  to teach each year running workshops exactly the same as the previous years. 2015 is going to be  amazing on my courses as I have discovered new colour combinations, watercolour techniques and approaches to all manner of subjects and I have never felt so alive or rejuventated.

So if you are booked on one of my courses  in 2015, be warned, my watercolour addiction is even worse now. And this addiction is positively catching!


Artists on my Australian workshops watched the above orchids appear from a first wash. It was a magical moment as there was no image or flowers in front of me, I just painted these from my imagination and loved how they came to life.

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