Monday 15 December 2014

Watercolour Christmas Card Challenge 2014

Robin Appearing in a first wash
Work in progress

Everywhere I gave workshops over the past few weeks I left "homework" challenges. These, of course, are for fun but also they give artists attending a reason to use techniques covered on a course in a way that is interesting.

( I'm expecting a spider or snake from Craig, roses possibly from Diane, a parakeet with a santa hat from Leona and I have already had a fabulous cockerel from Carol. There are many more artists  I could mention but my blog post would be very long!)

Having set the homework I thought I had best make an effort to join in the challenge myself.

The "homework" is to paint a Christmas card that is unique using a variety of watercolour techniques. As a little robin sits outside our cottage daily I thought it would be fun to paint him for my piece. Unfortunately most days the sky here has been a little grey so I have opted to use artistic license and create a more gorgeous backdrop of blues and turquoise.

I'm wondering how many artists from my workshops recognise the favourite green in this work in progress?

Anyone can join in. Once you have painted your Christmas Card please reply to my blog post and share a link to your own blog page.

Whatever you are doing, have a fantastic Christmas and to those who I have sent special emails to, you know who you are, I'm thinking of you and sending very warm hugs with this message. I hope 2015 is really very special for you, and far better than you eve expect it to be. 
I'm only an email away, always!


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Colours by sheri said...

Thank you Jean for inspiring us. My card is a collage poinsettia with gold leaf embellishment.
Thank you!