Monday, 22 June 2015

Foxgloves in Watercolour : Adding Detail

 Adding Detail

Foxgloves in Watercolour
( Continued )

I thought it might be helpful to share how I add detail to my first washes of foxgloves.
I begin a painting with a lively first wash of the colours that I see. Yes, I did aim for a loose shape of foxglove flowers in these two washes. I painted tall spires of pink, added the little green buds at the top of each flower and then allowed colours to merge randomly, rather than try to control them.

I don't panic when my colours run all over the place. In fact I love it when this happens.

So initially I have a first wash like the image below. Loose, impressionistic and with very little detail

Foxgloves. Two paintings side by side on my easel at the first wash stage.

I allow these first washes to dry and when they are, I add details or in this case a few darks to give drama to the paintings.

The painting on the right has been worked on. 
By adding dark shapes to give the impression of inside the bell of each individual flower.

 I am loving how both pieces look at this stage. The loose wash on the left doesn't need as much definition as it almost looks like a fascinating abstract. The painting on the right will have some toothbrush splatter for the foxgloves dot markings and patterns. 

Painting is so enjoyable. And regardless of how busy I am I always find time to paint something just for me. Something that isn't intended to go into a book or a gallery. Something that merely makes my heart happy.

And these do just that.

Make my heart happy!


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Dees said...

Dear Jean,
This morning I found a photo of one of your owl paintings on pinterest....I fell in love with your art the minute I saw touches the soul. ...I immediately(within 5 min...) ordered one of your books online and if all goes well it will be here tommorrow...can't wait!!!I love everything that has to do with nature and make little animals from wool and also try to paint!!I have tried watercolors in the past but I am always a bit insecure about the use of them even though I love the medium! your art has inspired me to try again....thank you so much...Love everything you do and will follow your blog with huge pleasure from now on!
Many dutch greetings
Desiree Schilte-van der Tol