Saturday, 14 November 2015

Red,White and Blue : Tears for Paris

"Teardrops in Red, White and Blue "

I had intended to return to my blog this weekend after my USA tour , to share happy memories regarding the wonderful people that I met whilst holding my watercolour workshops and art events there.

But I hope you will forgive me as I share an emotional image to pay tribute to the wonderful country that I adore. 


I refuse to allow negative actions of a few to disturb my beautiful haven of a place where I aim to share happy thoughts, news and inspirational blog posts.

I refuse to allow my heart to be stilled from the passion I hold for life, love and sharing freely.

Red the colour of love
White the colour of peace
Blue reminds me of heaven,blue skies with tears falling for those who needlessly lost their lives in Paris yesterday.

My thoughts are with Paris today.




PattiHarada said...

I'm with you, Jean, in every beautiful word. And your painting speaks to my soul. Thank you.

isabella kramer - veredit said...

Thank you so much for this post.

Leona said...

tears and fears are being experienced all round the world today as we try to understand why such differing views on life need to be expressed in this way Im sure our maker never intended for us to feel such hatred for each other so so sad :(

Marla B., aka "Queen Bee" said...

A beautiful tribute indeed.