Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Difference a Minute Makes : Christmas Roses 2015

Christmas Roses with the addition of Holly Berries

I intended to leave my studio and the Christmas Rose painting to return to in the morning with fresh eyes. But it is looking so fascinating and after writing my last blog post I couldn't resist adding red holly berries to see what the result would be and here it is.

I have splattered yellow and orange around my Christmas Rose centres which instantly brings life and energy to the painting. The red berries really have added a sense of warmth and a feeling of Christmas. I need to add shadow under a few flower centres next to define some of the stamen which will make these flowers look more like the real thing. And the upper corner isn't quite working for me but this is nearly finished. I like the flowers hidden in shadow in the centre of the composition adding a sense of distance and mystery.

I have absolutely loved working on this piece and sharing the stages on my blog.

I hope you have enjoyed reading these posts as much as I have enjoyed typing them!

Here is the painting minus the red holly berries and further colour additions. Just a minute can make such a difference to a painting. And knowing when to put your brush down !

 Painting as it was, minus the red holly berries, splattering and ivy detail.


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Zoe said...

Ooh, lovely!!! I think you have captured one of those critical moments in a painting - that 'missing' piece of the puzzle. I love those moments!