Wednesday 7 December 2016

Elephants in Watercolour 2016

"The Journey"
Elephants in Watercolour 2016

The above painting came to being as I was enjoying using the shades for my seed head paintings this afternoon. As an example you can see the painting shown in my previous blog post. At the end of each day I always choose a completely different subject to the one I have been working on. This not only " cleanses" my mind to help me unwind but also cleanses my palette. As at this time of day I use whatever colours have watery puddles left in them on my palette. This daily routine makes me think about what subjects would work with what shades I have readily available to paint with.

I looked at the variety of golds on my palette and in my today's paintings, then chose an elephant as my closing subject for todays painting session. I used to paint these majestic creatures far more often than I do at the moment, and it was heaven to return to them.  However , as soon as the one elephant appeared, as always I imagined a youngster nearby. In this composition, seen above, the young elephant is heading off the paper. Leading its' parent in direction.  The mother follows carefully watching over her young. There is almost a story visible in what isn't in my painting. Where are they coming from and even more importantly, where are they heading to?

Below you can see the single elephant and this looked beautiful as a study. But I wasn't ready to put my brushes down for the day so continued adding to the piece.


 Elephant Study , the original version before the young elephant was added.
As seen in the  opening painting to this blog post.

I am still very much concerned about these incredible giants. How their numbers are declining and how man seems to be effecting this planet in such a selfish way that the beauty of nature  can be so badly effected. Who on earth would buy ivory in this century when we all should know better. 

I now, of course, want to paint more elephants. And that may be my goal tomorrow morning.




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