Friday 6 January 2017

Glorious Day : Daffodils in Watercolour

 "Spring Celebration"
Its' never too early for daffodils! 

After such a fabulous day filled with painting and then great news of my books being published in both Chinese and French , I am feeling so happy that it is impossible to sit still.

I grabbed a piece of paper today after receiving copies of my books in the different languages and covered each with colours that were in tune with my happy mood. Glowing, glorious, yellow shades ran together and merged with green.

 A daffodil painting coming to life on my easel

I am from Wales, where the daffodil is the national flower. On St Davids Day it is traditional to have bunches of daffodils in your home or wear one. For me, I simply look at a daffodil and feel terrific. How can you feel miserable when faced with glowing yellow as a vibrant, cheery colour?

In this afternoons painting session I have literally allowed the yellow shades to play and merge on paper. Then I  added centres for my flowers and a few negative edges. A work in progress and something to leave on my easel to return to in the morning, eagerly wanting to finish this painting.

As always there is a painting hidden within a painting. And here it is, my favourite section so far.

 A painting hidden within a painting.
A close up section of my composition looks really lovely so far.

Is this my favourite section, seen above?

Actually this other section seen below looks pretty too.

Second close up section of my composition, seen on my easel in full above, at the top of this blog post.

When I am happy, I paint in cheerful colours .
When I am tired , I paint to  energise my soul
When I am low, I paint to lift my spirits.

There isn't a single emotion that cannot be improved by painting.

My motto?

Just paint!



Sue (this n that) said...

So very uplifting Jean, beautiful, happy Daffodils. I like your motto too :D)

K said...

Wow, how lovely and how lucky you are to have yours blooming. It's still the height of winter in Wisconsin USA and daffys are yet months away! Thanks for the reminder that spring is coming despite the wintry weather here.