Thursday 5 January 2017

We Are Family : Elephants in Watercolour 2017

"We Are Family"
Elephants in the wild.

I rarely take paintings with me on my workshop tours which amazes the attending artists. But my main goal of teaching is to do just that. Teach. Not sell my paintings. I show in galleries who represent me so all work I create goes to these wonderful supporters and representatives of my art.

Long before I set out for my watercolour tours I often receive emails from artists asking me if I will have paintings to sell on my workshops, and are any of my favourite subjects to be included in my "for sale" collection. I tend to regularly disappoint as I have to reply that I don't arrive armed with work to sell as my focus is on the artists in the room and what they can achieve. 

But I do work on my demonstration pieces and programme ideas before my tours. And what I wish to achieve from each course. I must confess. I loved my workshops so much last year that I felt totally inspired myself after teaching each one. I also felt very envious of the artists in the room attending each course. We had so much fun, and I often felt so highly motivated that I wanted to sit down and paint with the groups rather than walk around the room giving teaching instruction and advise!

So as mentioned in my previous blog post. This year is my time. Time for me to see how well I can paint when allowed to do so minus distractions of travelling, teaching, and continually packing and unpacking my art materials so much.  It isn't the actual workshops that take my time. I put so much effort into planning each programme so that they are packed full of information and I organise each tour so that they are full of new ideas.

Right now my mind is on my upcoming workshop tour to USA. This February I will be teaching in Arizona, Florida and New Orleans. The above elephant painting will come with me I think as its a great introduction to a new way I open my classes. I love how artists who have been to me before confidently think they know what is coming in my sessions. I love surprising everyone so this years' workshops are totally new, full of exciting ideas to be raise enthusiasm for painting to a fabulous high level. They should get everyone attending racing for their brushes.

We, as artists no matter what level we are at in our art journey are family. We understand the highs and lows of painting. The good days, and the not so good days. The trials when things go wrong and the positives when things make us feel so happy we could be flying without wings.

I will be inspiring on my blog as often as possible this year to make up for the fewer workshops I will be physically teaching.

Do watch this space if you want to be inspired on a regular basis!

After all.

We are family!


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