Thursday, 14 June 2018

Atmospheric Flowers in Watercolour; New Book Available now!

Paintings from my new book
"Atmospheric Flowers in Watercolour"

 Thank you so much to everyone who has contacted me to let me know you have a copy of my new book "Atmospheric Flowers in Watercolour " which has just been released.

This was such a special book to write and one I have dreamt about putting together for so long. In fact this would have been my first book had things worked out differently but finally I was able to write it and I am glad I had to wait to do  so because I have learnt so much over the years that would have been missing from the demonstrations had this been written years ago. I can now pull on all I have gleamed from painting to share with others to create floral paintings that are unique, beautiful and of course a joy to paint.

It is available now on UK and leading art stores and art stockists.

Now I can wander around my garden and fall in love all over again with the flowers that were filmed here last year, remembering the very happy times of creating this very special publication.

Thank you so much again, for liking my books and helping me be an author. Every single time I get a kind comment about my work I think about how very lucky I am .

I am indeed.

Very lucky!

 My latest book "Atmospheric Flowers in Watercolour"
Available now!




Artist diary by Sarah Orchard said...

I have just received your most recent book having loved your ‘atmospheric watercolour’ and especially ‘Paint Yourself Calm’.
I tutor art most of my week and so find little time - my fault - for me!!! I am, however, doing a ‘Watercolour Daily’ on my iPad; to sit and look at them with my lovely neighbours in January 2019. One of them did 365 photos last year which gave me the idea. Puts life into perspective and you see where your year has gone.
The ‘Atmosheric Flower’ - as far as I have got so far - is gorgeous. I love your insight into watercolours - which follows on from your calm book. The focus being on painting, marks, colour, freshness which evolves into a painting. Mindfulness; gardening both hit a chord with me... I adore my watercolours; live my life and think around them all the time. They are my world! This book has inspired to me more than any other book and for that i am deeply great full and thank you!
Sarah Orchard

Unknown said...

Thank you for such a lovely book Jean. I think it is your best one yet and I have not been able to put it down. So much inspiration and wondetful information layed out and explained with such love and care. It has been the perfect gift to myself and I thank you for it. Sometimes the waiting makes the end result just perfect. May the next two books be just as wonderful to write and well received. Wishing you all be best and looking forward to the workshop at the end of August. Jeanne

Farm Girl said...

I’m in the US and on Amazon it stated not available until August? Oh well, I am due to receive it this Tuesday. I have 2 of your other books and have watched everything you’ve ever released on Artists Network (obsessed much, um, I think I am!). I absolutely love your style and grace. I’m self taught with no real talent, but I love to try. You take the stress out of it. I adore you. I hope to one day take one of your classes. Please think about visiting Southern Indiana.:) I’m a full time mom to 3 kids who are in school soon so I am finally going to be able to paint uninterrupted during the days! Yay!

Thank you for all you do and for sharing your beautiful talent. You are such a lovely person.

Warmest regards,
Sara Schmitt